That's a Really Inspiring and Motivating Response for me.

I often gets negative response on medium. there are people here who's work is to find mistakes in others. They never read to the context of the article they just saw some mistake and just write a comment. I even received personal mails from people which says, your spelling is wrong, you grammar is shit, you articles distracts programming newbies and makes them write bad code. I don't understand why they go for spelling or silly grammatical mistakes in a programming article. English is not my first language.

Well, I don't care about these comments and never reply to any of them.

I Started writing on medium Just to Share What I have learned and to help people like me not suffer what I Suffer. To be very frank If in over 30k+ views I am able to help only one person then the work of that article is done and I am happy.

Thanks For Your Lovely response 🤗


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