Hello Fellow Writers,

I am writing on medium for a long time now. In my starting months, I never had any views and followers. I barely get only 1000 views in a month.

One day everything changed for me when I received a private note from @treyhuffin saying he wants to publish my article in his publication. I said yes.

Since Then, My Writing Life has Changed. Now I get over 100k+ views every month and Almost every story of mine gets a huge response just because I choose to publish them in LevelUpCoding.

You can find much bigger publications on medium in terms of followers to LevelUpCoding but believe me you will never find an editor Like Trey. He always gives you a valid reason and response why your story is rejected.

If You are new to medium I would suggest you go for LevelUpCoding. Believe me, you will thank me later.

A True Response From a Contributor and Die Heart Fan of LevelUpCoding,


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