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  • Victor Mong

    Victor Mong

    3x Top Writer // Researcher // Writing about self-improvement, psychology, mental health, productivity, etc. Get in touch: info.victormong@gmail.co

  • L Javier Tovar

    L Javier Tovar

    Web Developer | 🤖 Web Scraping and Bots Enthusiast | 🚀 Lover of sci-fi.

  • gravity well (Rob Tomlin)

    gravity well (Rob Tomlin)

    Self-Employed Software Engineer, Trainer, Consultant. Keeping up to date. I’ve noticed in over 30 years of programming, one’s current skills have a shelf life.

  • Yang Zhou

    Yang Zhou

    Full-Stack Hacker😎.

  • Emilie Lewis

    Emilie Lewis

    Content Manager for Heartbeat

  • Anupam Chugh

    Anupam Chugh

    Editor at Better Programming. Pouring thoughts into technology and code. Writer with 3M+ views. An iOS dev by the day. Sometimes funny. linktr.ee/anupamchugh

  • Amit Chauhan

    Amit Chauhan

    Data Science Enthusiastic | Electronics R&D | Data Visualization | BI | NLP |

  • Guido van Rossum

    Guido van Rossum

    Creator of Python

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