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Abhay Parashar
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According to the latest survey done by StackOverflow, python is the most searched and tagged programming language in the world. It has one of the biggest active communities of developers. Python is so famous among beginners because of its simple syntax and easy-to-learn fundamentals. It is a versatile language that…

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Becoming a good freelancer is a dream for every developer. Work Whenever You Want, No office, No Time Limits, No Deadlines. The reality is becoming a good freelancer is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes so much hard work and dedication with a good freelancing gig. …

Learning Python

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Programming is basically designing and building an executable computer program that is used to accomplish a specific computing task to generate some results. For example, we design a calculator that can be used to perform different arithmetic operations. The need for programming occurs when we try to communicate and instruct…

5 Python Projects That You Can Finish This Weekend
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Do You Know, What’s The Best Way To Learn A Programming Language??
The Best Way is to Build Projects In It. A Good Project Showcase Various skills Like Your Ability to think, The Way You Tackle Problems, Your Coding Base, and Development Skills.

A Good Project Not Only Clears The…

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Have you ever been stuck asking yourself questions like”

  1. What does code look like that’s written at FAANG companies?
  2. How can I write code like them?
  3. I have learned this now what?

Well answer to all your questions is Github.

What is Github?

Learning how to code is easy but learning how to…

🔟 7 Must Know Algorithms for Your Next Coding Interview

I aced every interview I appeared for. — By Arpit Falcon

Image from Dynamo Primer.

There are thousands of questions that the interviewer may ask in a coding interview and a major part of them consists of Data Structures and Algorithms.

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9️⃣ 5 Interesting Computer Vision Projects With Codes

To Get You Started With The Real AI — By…

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There Are Over 8 Million+ Python Developers Present Around the world. Everyday Thousands of New Learners Added To The Community of Python. The Harsh Fact is Only 10–20% are able to become a good developer and get a good job. The reason is they aren’t able to solve some of…

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The Way AI Changing The World, It is predicted that by the end of 2050 there will be no manpower required to do a job. One of the biggest parts of this change is Computer Vision. …

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In this article, you will see how we can create a color filter without LUTs. We will be using the Patch editor and some patches to play around with hue and saturation to generate a color-graded effect.

The effect we are building today only uses the textures and patches already…

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Facebook’s Spark AR is an open-source tool built for creators to create, publish, and share Instagram and Facebook filters. This tool doesn’t require any knowledge of coding as it is a drag-and-drop tool with simple use GUI.

In this blog, we will create an animated fireworks background filter in Spark…

Abhay Parashar

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