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According to the latest survey done by StackOverflow, python is the most searched and tagged programming language in the world. It has one of the biggest active communities of developers. Python is so famous among beginners because of its simple syntax and easy-to-learn fundamentals. It is a versatile language that…

Learning Python

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Programming is basically designing and building an executable computer program that is used to accomplish a specific computing task to generate some results. For example, we design a calculator that can be used to perform different arithmetic operations. The need for programming occurs when we try to communicate and instruct…

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Have you ever been stuck asking yourself questions like”

  1. What does code look like that’s written at FAANG companies?
  2. How can I write code like them?
  3. I have learned this now what?

Well answer to all your questions is Github.

What is Github?

Learning how to code is easy but learning how to…

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Python Projects, Development, Python For Beginners

Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. It has easy-to-learn syntax and supports almost every fundamental concept of programming. Being a versatile language it is so famous among beginners to programming.

According to a survey most beginners prefer to adopt python as their first language. There is also a…

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Jupyter Notebook is a web-based computing platform that allows developers to live code, visualize, share and embed multimedia with explanatory text inside a single document. However, By Default, It lacks several useful features like code completion, spells checker, code folding, etc. You can enable these features with the help of…

Websites For Developers — Part 2

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We Are Living In a Digital Era. Due To Covid19, Not Everything is dependent upon the internet. From Waking Up In The Morning To Sleeping At Night We Use Multiple Website To Organize and Produce our work. Developers Are People Who Create and Spend most of their time on these…

Practical Machine Learning

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Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that can improve automatically through experience and by the use of data, as per Wikipedia. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It is used for time series forecasting, fraud detection, spam filtration, Recommendations, Marketing, Healthcare, etc.

Datasets work as roots for…

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