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Abhay Parashar

Repositories To Help You Improve Your Data Science Skills

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  1. What does code look like that’s written at FAANG companies?
  2. How can I write code like them?
  3. I have learned this now what?

What is Github?

Concepts that help to increase your Python knowledge

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1. Exception Handling

Learn to Write Logs For Real In Python

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Logging vs Print Statement

To Check and Increase Your Knowledge of ML 🤔

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0. What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning

Learn To Master Each Stage Efficiently

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0. Web Scraping

Using Streamlit and Python

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Learn the concepts of object-oriented programming

different types of candy sorted into glass jars
different types of candy sorted into glass jars
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Libraries to help you preprocess data easily

Jumbled letters
Jumbled letters
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The Snake 🐍 Has Many Secrets For Us

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Tricks To Let Your Python Code Run 10 Times Faster

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1. Proper Data Structure

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