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Abhay Parashar

Projects To Enhance Your Ability to Think and Code

5 Python Projects That You Can Finish This Weekend
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Do You Know, What’s The Best Way To Learn A Programming Language??
The Best Way is to Build Projects In It. A Good Project Showcase Various skills Like Your Ability to think, The Way You Tackle Problems, Your Coding Base, and Development Skills.

A Good Project Not Only Clears The Concepts of the language but also gives you confidence and a boost in learning. According to my observations, the best time to create projects is on weekends. In this blog, I will share with you 5 projects that you can finish this weekend.

The Projects Ranges From Bots to Designing…

Make Your Life Easy With Data

“Image Created By Author Using Canva

Data Science is the study of data and how to use it to provide some useful information. A Data Science Project Lifecycle contains many steps. Each Step requires a different kind of skill set. The Lifecycle starts with the first step collecting data that require knowledge of web scraping. The Next and Most Important Step is data analysis that requires knowledge of data preprocessing and transformation. Then the next step is picking a machine learning model and train it on your data. The Last Step is to make decisions based on your complete analysis.

Each step in the lifecycle takes…

Ideas to make your resume stand out

Typing on a laptop
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There are two ways to get a decent job in IT:

  1. With a certificate
  2. With knowledge and the projects you have built

In my opinion, projects speak louder than certificates. In this article, we are going to see 12 Python project ideas for your resume. Every idea is from a different domain and contains some information about the different projects you can build in it.

First, remember one thing:

“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.” — Scott Allen

1. Desktop Assistant

A desktop assistant can be a good project for your resume. It…

Useful Code Practices For Python Developers

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Object-Oriented Programming Is a programming paradigm based on the concepts of classes and objects. The Concept of oop First Introduced in 1967. The First-ever programming language that has the primary features of OOP is Simula Created by Alan Kay.

A Class in oop Works as a blueprint for the object. if we define a car as a class then different brands or types of cars will be objects.

Why OOP?

You Might Have a question in mind why do I need oop? what’s the need of creating it? Why it is used so much?

  • OOP Makes it so much easy to maintain…

Repositories To Help You Improve Your Data Science Skills

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Have you ever been stuck asking yourself questions like”

  1. What does code look like that’s written at FAANG companies?
  2. How can I write code like them?
  3. I have learned this now what?

Well answer to all your questions is Github.

What is Github?

Learning how to code is easy but learning how to write better code is tough. Github can show you exactly what you need to know. It is like a Goldmine for developers where gold is the code written by other developers. …

To Get You Started With The Real AI

Photo by Lenin Estrada on Unsplash

The Way AI Changing The World, It is predicted that by the end of 2050 there will be no manpower required to do a job. One of the biggest parts of this change is Computer Vision. It is the field of AI that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from digital images and videos, make decisions and recommendations based on the received information.

The Average Salary of a computer vision engineer in the USA is approx 125k dollars annually which comes with a great hike. There are many jobs for freshers also in this field. …

Playing with Hue and Saturation

Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

In this article, you will see how we can create a color filter without LUTs. We will be using the Patch editor and some patches to play around with hue and saturation to generate a color-graded effect.

The effect we are building today only uses the textures and patches already available in Spark AR Studio but the same technique can be applied to create custom textures.

Understanding Hue and Saturation

Hue is the color of a specific position on the color spectrum. Below is an example of the hue color spectrum.

Learn How To Replace Backgrounds With Animation Sequences

Photo by Joost Crop on Unsplash

Facebook’s Spark AR is an open-source tool built for creators to create, publish, and share Instagram and Facebook filters. This tool doesn’t require any knowledge of coding as it is a drag-and-drop tool with simple use GUI.

In this blog, we will create an animated fireworks background filter in Spark AR Studio.

Creating Animated Sequence

First, you need to choose a background. You can choose any video that you want to use as your background but for this tutorial, I’ve chosen fireworks. Next, we’ll create an animation sequence for our background.

Remember you must have permission to use the video you’ve chosen for…

For All The Tech Enthusiasts

“Image Created By Author”

Python has overtaken french to be the most popular language that is taught in primary schools. The reason behind the massive popularity is its simple syntax, one-liners, and the vast amount of packages. A package in python is a collection of python files. A file named means every directory inside the python path that contains a file with be treated as a python package.

There are over 30K+ python packages available on the python package index, out of which some are useful and some are just a waste of time. …

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