5 Writing Habits I Wish To Have In 2022

You Can Have These Too To Increase Your Earnings

Abhay Parashar
4 min readJan 3, 2022
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1. Writing At Least 2 or More Articles In a Week

There Are Many Writers On Medium Who Believes In Quality over Quantity. In the early stage of my writing, I also believed that theory and published only 4–5 articles each month. Does It Work For Me?, Yes It did, I have been on a streak of earning 500$ or more in a month for 12 Months Now.

There is also one theory that always stayed in my mind since my first viral article — “You Can’t Decide Whether Your Article is Quality or Quantity Without Creating it”.

As Writers, We All Seems To Have Multiple Writing Ideas every day, and most of us just leave those ideas by thinking they will not get viral, readers won’t like it.

To All Those Writers, Including Me I have a question Are You a God? if not then how do you know someone going to like your content or not without writing it?

I wish to have this habit of writing 2 or more articles in a week and not letting my ideas just be rejected in my own mind.

2. Leaving Niche Jail

Anyone Who Is Around On Medium In Late 2020 Will Know About a Term Curation Jail. For New Writers, In past years…



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